DOT EXAMS COLORADO CALL: 720-231-8301 Location: Aurora, CO
DOT EXAMS COLORADOCALL: 720-231-8301Location: Aurora, CO

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Our purpose is to determine if a driver has a condition that would interfere with his/her ability to operate a commercial motor vehicle safely without causing danger to them or others on the road.  Reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities is our primary objective.


DOT Exams Colorado specializes in performing the Department of Transportation (DOT) exams.  Their focus is to detect physical or mental defects that affect an individual's ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. 

Each new or re-certification will complete a 300 point inspection to determine if they are able to operate a commercial vehicle safely.  These tests include a detailed history, functional capacity examination, musculoskeletal examination, neurological examination, proprioception testing, orthopedic tests, active functional exam, vision testing, hearing testing, blood pressure and laboratory testing. 


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